Monthly Archives: February 2015
NetNewsCheck – Reaching a Younger Newspaper Audience with Video

With 4 Corners TV‘s 1 year anniversary this month, BCI’s CEO, Doug Bennet, reflects on the past year of hosting this online only channel in a NetNewsCheck article: “Want a Younger Newspaper Video Audience? Don’t Play it Straight”. The article highlights Doug’s initial vision for the video channel and how it has transformed with viewership trends and demands. By focusing on […]

Ballantine Communications Launches DORADO, New Southwest Lifestyle Magazine

Durango, CO – Ballantine Communications, Inc. announces the launch of Dorado, a luxury lifestyle magazine and website focused on the Southwest. Dorado Magazine embodies the diverse spirit of the Four Corners region, from its dramatic landscapes to the creative individuals who flock to its small towns and the thrill-seekers who come in search of adventure. […]

NetNewsCheck – Dorado Magazine Striking Web & Print Gold

NetNewsCheck – Dorado Magazine Striking Web & Print Gold NetNewsCheck is a popular digital resource covering all things business media. With the revolution into digital, NetNewsCheck is a leader in reporting relevant stories and news across the web as the media industry progresses into the future. As we move our business into the digital world, […]


DURANGO ( — 4 Corners TV announces the recent hire of new local news anchor, Phil N. Handy. Beginning February of 2015, Mr. Handy will contribute to the 4 Corners TV network with single story news coverage and host his own weekly news show named “Get Your Phil”. In announcing the appointment, Laurie Kain, news […]