• NetNewsCheck – Reaching a Younger Newspaper Audience with Video

4 Corners TVWith 4 Corners TV‘s 1 year anniversary this month, BCI’s CEO, Doug Bennet, reflects on the past year of hosting this online only channel in a NetNewsCheck article: “Want a Younger Newspaper Video Audience? Don’t Play it Straight”.

The article highlights Doug’s initial vision for the video channel and how it has transformed with viewership trends and demands. By focusing on a younger demographic, 4 Corners TV is paving the way in the Southwest by creating a new and entertaining way to reach a digital audience.

“4 Corners TV has built a growing audience of 25-45-year-olds, but constant experimentation in its year-long existence has shown that younger viewers don’t want straight news from their online videos, even if it’s irreverent. What its Southwestern audience does like is content on pot, extreme sports and local comedy, and the site is taking another crack at news, this time with a sock puppet.”

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