Although the official Ballantine Communications, Inc. name came into existence only a few years ago, the inception of the organization actually began in 1952, when Arthur and Morley Ballantine purchased and began operating the newspaper, now named The Durango Herald.

Over the years the high quality of journalism became the trademark of the paper, developing a loyal following in readership and eventually leading to the creation of four more news services; The Pine River Times as well as The Cortez Journal, The Dolores Star, The Mancos Times (now The Journal).

In the 1980s, having developed a solid foundation in print advertising, the company began publishing local phone books in Southwestern Colorado and throughout the state of New Mexico. The online versions were added to the print directories for all areas in the 1990s.

In an effort to help small businesses bridge the gap between digital media and traditional marketing, BCI Media Services was created in 2008. This group launched a website platform, Tellzea.com, as a channel for local merchants with very little experience in digital advertising, to step into the digital media marketplace. To better assist businesses with promotion, 4 Corners Expos was also added to provide a venue for additional business exposure.

The entrance into the digital media marketplace changed the direction of the company, resulting in the new name, Ballantine Communications, Inc. and new members on the leadership board in 2012. In August, 2013, Douglas Bennett was chosen to lead the company as CEO, due to his extensive background in digital and mobile advertising media.

4CornersTV.com, an online video network, was launched in February 2014 to expand the company’s digital media engagement with online consumers. What began as a digital channel with only one informative two-minute daily show has grown to a network with over half a dozen daily and weekly shows, and become a strong addition to our collection of multi-media brands across the organization.

Digital media momentum continues to propel the company forward with new business ventures on the horizon. Adsperity, an application for use by advertising agencies and publishers to create, deliver and measure mobile advertising, launches in the fall of 2015. The high-end Southwest Lifestyle magazine, Dorado Magazine, launched spring of 2015 with its first issue nominated for a Folio award.

With the continued success and expansion of Ballantine Communications, it’s important to remember the beginning of this legacy, and the innovation and integrity that started it all. Arthur and Morley Ballantine decided to take on the challenge of a local newspaper and despite its transformation over the decades, the family and company leadership never abandoned a quest for truth and honesty in everything that they did.

We’re proud of our local history that paved the way and promise to always practice the creativity and integrity at the foundation of it all.