• Maximizing Mobile ROI

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAW4AAAAJGNlNGQ4ZmM2LTFlODEtNDJhMi1iZjBiLTAxMjI5MGI4MGVkNQMobile advertising has been a hot topic for awhile now, but with the continued evolution of devices, software, and user behavior, seeing ROI in mobile advertising can be cumbersome. Doug Bennett, BCI CEO, offers his take on mobile advertising in a recent NetNewsCheck article.

In this article he not only addresses the troubles of measuring ROI for mobile advertising, but more importantly focuses on the potential mobile advertising continues to offer. In example, our mobile advertising software, Adsperity, has placed it’s focus on predictive analytics. Learn more about how “pre-analytics” and making decisions based on real data can make the difference in a successful mobile ad campaign here: http://bit.ly/1NpGJQJ