• Adventure Pro, helping you find your next adventure!

adventure_pro_squareBallantine Communications, Inc. released a new adventure and outdoor activities website, AdventurePro.us. The site is host to activities, locations, events, maps, guides and more, based around the vast amount of outdoor adventures the Southwestern United States has to offer.


AdventurePro.us features various stories and guides that cover activities like mountain biking, hiking, trail running, river sports, climbing, fishing, and birding with potential for more seasonal activities. On the site you’ll find stories about people, places and events within the outdoor industry, in addition to adventure guides that offer an in depth look at particular trails and routes. The guides include an overview of the experience, images, driving directions, map, weather updates and videos. While the guides serve as a tool for adventurists of all kinds to feel prepared before setting off, the stories keep adventurers in the loop on what’s going on.



An Adventure Pro enjoying the view.

Adventure Pro’s editor, Brandon Mathis, explains, “Adventure is all about discovery. It’s finding a new place, outside and within. I’ve been exploring the Southwest for more than 20 years, and through Adventure Pro, I’m fortunate to share what I’ve discovered, and learn from others the magic of the great Southwest. Please join me, and we can all find our own adventure.”


To learn more about Adventure Pro visit the About Us page or for inquires about an adventure or story idea visit the Contact Us page.