• Adventure Pro Launches New Website

Ballantine Communications is excited to announce the successful launch of the new Adventure Pro website on March 21. AdventurePro.us helps you find your next adventure and the redesigned site is now full of useful content that highlights the variety of adventures in the Southwest.


The beautiful scenery of the Southwest inspired a closer focus on imagery and video. Now you’ll find photos that visualize adventures, how to videos to help you get prepared, as well as short stories to get you inspired to go outside or visit a new place.


Some of the site’s key features include content about, How To, Killer Weekends, Secret Hideouts, Gear and a new video series called Explore. These features discover the region’s best weekend trip ideas, secret spots to stay, how to tips on adventures, plus the gear you need to get out safely and in style.


Adventure Pro’s mission statement says it best: “Adventure Pro helps you take your adventure to the next level. If your passion is carving up a mountain, riding the edge of a mesa, surfing river waves and crashing out in the back of a pickup, this is the place for you. Join us for an expert’s edge on how to get the most from your outdoor adventures all over the Four Corners and throughout the Southwest.”



Please explore the new site and tell us what you think on the Adventure Pro social sites:




Or send us an email: [email protected]