• Every Foot Counts!

BCIMediaServices_VOA_DurangoAfter a recent digital seminar hosted by BCI Media Services, the team decided to donate the left over lunch item (4 foot long sub!) to the local Volunteers of America. Here’s a little feel good for the day:


“Dear BCI Media Services,

All resident staff at the Volunteers of America Durango Community Shelter and the Southwest Safehouse wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for you generous gift of a 4 foot sub sandwich. Your support helps displaced children, women, and men in our community of compassionate and caring community members like you.

Every day the Southwest Safehouse and Durango Community Shelter provide safe shelter, clothing, food, and life skills counseling to children, women, and men in desperate need. In 2014, the Southwest Safehouse provided 5,886 nights of shelter to 135 women and 77 children. The Durango Community  Shelter provided 9,973 nights of shelter to 508 individuals, 40% women and children. The Southwest Safehouse and Durango Community Shelter continue to be the only option in this community for families and individuals in fleeing domestic violence or struggling with homelessness.

It is heartening to know that we live in a community where so many give to and support the work we do. Literally hundreds of live are changed each year through compassionate and supportive services provided at the Durango Community Shelter and Southwest Safehouse. Thank you again for making this work possible.


VOA Durango Community Shelter and

Southwest Safehouse Staff and Residents”


We are proud of BCI Media Services and grateful for the wonderful organizations that serve our community!