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Our Mission as an Employer

To create an environment that supports innovation by giving our employees the tools to be the best in their fields.

We ensure that our teams are focused on learning more, staying on top of industry trends, and constantly building on the skills to be a greater success each day.

Why work with us?

We offer our employees an opportunity to use their talents to develop new products, processes, and businesses.

We support the growth of the individual along with the excellence achieved through teamwork, and we do it all to the backdrop of beautiful Durango, Colorado, where the outdoors and modern technology collide to form a friendly and thriving community just minutes away from the Rocky Mountains and majestic Southwest desert.

Company Culture

The employees that work at Ballantine Communications often have the opportunity to exercise and build on a variety of skill sets, while working across different departments and focusing on a number of initiatives.

The culture is a mix of experience and stability from our longstanding legacy products to the excitement and fast pace of our entrepreneurial, startup businesses.

Whether you work in design, development, operations, sales or marketing, you interface with the individuals that have a common passion to create and execute superb work products.

Our Future

We believe that it takes sincere dedication and teamwork to produce meaningful and lasting results in media and entertainment services and products.

Our teams collaborate across departments and businesses, and group discussions fuel ideas that are actualized as online and print content, marketing platforms, and company programming.

From the boardroom to the computer, the newsroom to the printing press, our employees exercise the individual determination and joint initiative to deliver the finest products to local, regional, and national audiences.

As we continue to expand our reach, no stone is left unturned and no road left unexplored to continuously provide a competitive, value-added product.