• Adventure Pro Teams Up With Flipboard



Adventure Pro joins the ranks of smart magazines


Adventure Pro has teamed up with Flipboard, a news content platform with 100 million monthly users. We are extremely excited to be joining the platform as well as the ranks of its massive and impressive list of publishers.


Not only has Adventure Pro already been approved to join the feed, the brand content is already live, thanks to Ballantine’s CEO Doug Bennett. The entire process was expedited due to the quality and design/presentation of Adventure Pro’s content.


If you are not familiar with Flipboard, please take some time to familiarizer yourself with the platform. It’s smart digital interface, but its real innovation is in the mobile experience.


Here is a great overview of how it works.


This is an exciting step in Adventure Pro in terms of gaining traction with a broader outdoors focused and mobile audience, and a strong example of how businesses can network to work toward common goals.