• Batter Up
The 2017 Ballantine Communications softball season began last week. A roster filled with BCI employees and their spouses, will compete against other local businesses in a 6 game season with a single elimination playoff tournament.
Ballantine Communications promotes employee and community engagement. Our corporate softball team is beneficial in many ways including, building morale, employee wellness, team building, and is a great opportunity for networking. Interacting with co-workers in a different environment away from the office allows you to form a deeper bond which improves team dynamics and makes for a more collaborative work environment.
“Having a corporate softball team is an incredible privilege. Not only does it help with team building, you interact with fellow co-workers and see a totally different side of people that you might not normally see in the workplace. We have a ton of fun and it is great for morale too! We are so thankful to Ballantine Communications for allowing us this opportunity,” team coach, Scott Yarbrough explains.
Here are some highlights of the first game: