• New and Improved DirectoryPlus.com

Directory Plus has connected businesses with customers in Southwest Colorado and across New Mexico since 1983. With this continued goal in mind, Directory Plus is now better able to connect searchers with local businesses online with the new and improved directoryplus.com.


The simple home page layout offers a clear call to action, “What Can Directory Plus Find For You?”, to help initiate a user search. Easy to use search fields quickly help the user find what they’re looking for (business name, phone number, category, etc) nearest their current location.

Directoryplus.com homepage
Upon searching, local business listings appear alongside a map to offer different  options for finding information. The user can quickly find the information they’re looking for and be on their way to patron a local business.

Directoryplus.com search

With mobile users in mind, much of the features were tailored towards easy access with click to call buttons, mapping and directions, in addition to an overall responsive design and layout of the site.


Looking for a business online? Look no further than directoryplus.com, your local tool for connecting businesses with customers.