• Dorado Magazine Celebrates the Launch of First Issue, Website
Dorado Magazine

Dorado Magazine’s 1st cover and May issue.

Durango, Colorado—The first issue of Dorado, a new lifestyle magazine that celebrates refined living and big adventures, hit newsstands across the Southwest and Texas this week, coinciding with the launch of www.doradomagazine.com.

Dorado embodies the diverse spirit of the Four Corners region, from its dramatic landscapes to the creative individuals who flock to its small towns and the thrill-seekers who come in search of adventure. It highlights the pleasures of a refined lifestyle with the rugged sensibility of the Southwest.

In the premier issue, Dorado pays homage to many of the things that make the region, which includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, so exceptional. The cover story, The Great Outdoors, spotlights some amazing—and adventurous—getaways. The stories and photos from Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm offer a one-two punch of style and sustenance, featuring summer fashion and the inn’s remarkable farm-to-table restaurant and shop. There’s so much more: a modern cabin makeover in Telluride, a hidden lake in northern Arizona, a movie house in Santa Fe courtesy of Game of Thrones creator, George R.R. Martin, and the relationship between Navajo churra sheep and the art galleries that sell rugs as works of art.

“But that doesn’t mean we’re stopping there—our vision for Dorado is expansive,” says Doug Bennett, CEO of Ballantine Communications, the parent company of Dorado. “Our website provides real-time, daily content about the region, making it a true resource for anyone living in or visiting the Southwest. And don’t expect an onslaught of turquoise and cactus (although those are near and dear to our hearts); we’ll be telling the untold stories of the places we call home and keeping you up to date on the latest happenings.”

“Our advertising partners from real estate to travel to outdoor and fashion are thrilled about the union of print and web, and recognize that high-end consumers also love outdoor adventures, too,” adds Dorado Publisher Chad Rose.

Dorado’s creative is led by Editorial Director Jeff Ficker, Creative Director Caroline Crafton and Associate Editor Ellen Olson. Jeff was managing editor of The Ritz-Carlton Magazine and Desert Living, and is a contributor to Travel + Leisure. Caroline brings 15 years of experience from the pages of Vogue, Vanity Fair, InStyle and People, and art directed inaugural issues of New York Weddings and Vogue Living. Ellen has more than a decade of writing and editing experience and will be heading up the production of website content.



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