• Colorado Press Association Interview


Recently, Durango Herald Senior editor, Amy Maestas and BCI CEO, Doug Bennett, were interviewed by Colorado Press Association regarding the coverage of the Gold King Mine spill in the summer of 2015. Although a local disaster, it represented an opportunity for a regional newspaper to provide unparalleled coverage of a national news story…and the Herald delivered.

“It’s not unusual, she (Maestas) said, for a story out of the area to go national. But, what separated Gold King from other occasions was that it came about two years into a reboot of the newspaper, a direction coinciding with Bennett’s new leadership.”

Bennett’s vision or as he calls it, a “re-engineering” of the Ballantine properties, was centered on transitioning the company mindset towards an emphasizes on digital content. This digital expansion provided a strategic advantage in delivering updates related to the Gold King spill via social media, the website and text alerts.

“Audience, Bennett said, is one of the primary considerations…We focus on audience. How do they consume information? How do we reach them.”

Read the full article and interviews about The Durango Herald’s approach to delivering national news and Ballantine’s transition towards emphasis on digital content to reflect the current state of the industry, here.