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Adventurepro.us launched in 2015 as a way to help adventure seekers, explore mountains and deserts, run trails and float rivers. It’s intent is to help the everyday explorer find their next adventure. To learn more about the website and it’s feature highlights, visit this archived post:

Adventure Pro, helping you find your next adventure!

With all the excitement and success of the website, Adventure Pro decided to spread it’s wings and launch a quarterly magazine. The magazine is intended to reflect all the features of the website, while also giving readers the opportunity to grab a microbrew, a copy of the magazine, and settle in to find a new adventure.

A recent NetNewsCheck article explains, “The quarterly magazine will celebrate each season and its unique recreational opportunities. Our carriers will stock strategic and highly visible places — restaurants, shops, cafes and hotels — in destinations synonymous with adventure: Moab, Utah; Taos, N.M.; Pagosa Springs, Durango, Telluride and Grand Junction, Colorado.”

To find a copy of Adventure Pro magazine, check out our distribution list:

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